Energy And Process Cooling Systems

We provide engineering solutions supported with our special software for any type radiator (Dry Cooler), high and low temperature radiators (LT-HT Radiators), turbine intake air cooling units needed in the energy production facilities.

Our Dry and Wet Dry Coolers are used in many different applications. In today's technology, keeping central data processing and protection environments as acclimatized for 365 days and 24 hours became important.  We provide solution to these systems with Dry Coolers being a part of Data Centres cooling system.  

Besides, our Dry Coolers are also used for removal of the heat emerging during removal of the waste heat generated in the processes where heat is used from system and during cooling of machines (plastic injection, oil cooling circuits etc.).

For these productions, Copper, Stainless and Aluminium pipe materials and copper and aluminium blade materials are used depending on the project.

We're with you as the Solution Partner for any type of energy applications with our experience over 37 years.