Air Conditioning / Air Conditioner

Such operations like heating, cooling, ventilating, humidification, dehumidification and air refreshing for internal air quality to meet the comfort conditions needed in the living spaces are called air conditioning or acclimatization.   Living spaces cover a wide range including human living spaces like house, work place, hospital, mobile Vehicle as well as animal shelters, raising areas. With general temperature range of 0 C / +80 C, application with temperatures of +15 C  / +40 C are common.

Selection of cooling and heating fluids for A/C systems and accordingly selection of equipment is performed. As Friterm, we produce water heater and cooler, steam batteries, dx and condenser batteries, heat recovery units to be used at projects with Freon, Ammonia, Water and Carbon dioxide fluids. For these productions, Copper, Stainless and Aluminium pipe materials and copper and aluminium blade materials are used depending on the project.

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