Cold Cabinet Products

Small sized enclosed systems organized for keeping products under specific temperature and humidity conditions for the purpose of protecting their physiological structures is called cold chamber. Commonly used method for preservation of food, medicine, various chemicals and health (serum, root cell etc.) products. With temperature range of -25 C / +25 C, storage systems with temperatures of -5 C  / +5 C are common. Cold chain processes are determined depending on the preservation periods.

Selection of coolant fluid in the cooling systems and accordingly selection of auxiliary accessories as well as main equipment such as compressor, cooler, condenser, expansion valve are performed. As Friterm, we produce Static Coolers, Cabin coolers, Condensers and Gas Coolers to be used at projects with Ammonia Water and Carbon dioxide coolants. For these productions, Copper, Stainless and Aluminium pipe materials and copper and aluminium blade materials are used depending on the project.

We're with you as the Solution Partner for any type of cold chamber applications with our experience over 37 years.