ISH 2019
ISH 2019

Friterm  had met the global area air conditioning sector professionals at the ISH Fair which had been held between 11-15
March 2019 with 190 thousand visitors as the world's largest fair in the field of HVAC with water,energy and life concept.
As Friterm A.Ş, the heat recovery coil had been exhibited at ISH 2019 which is held biyearly in the month of march by
Messe Fuarcılık. Eralp Bigecarslan, who is the Export Business Development Engineer in Friterm  meeting sector
representatives and its business partners at the fair in which the visitors from 161 different countries shows very strong
interest, has stated; ‘ It is clear that ISH 2019 was so constructive and gainfully as it was expected.
The high effiency coil with different fin options was exhibited at the ISH 2019 which is on the basis of the sector as the one
of the biggest exhibition in the World and our innovative solutions have gotten positive feedback from visitors and our
solutions partners.
Oh the other hand, the visitors and targeted professionals has been enlighted about the hyginaic product development
operations have been run by Friterm RnD department as well as product lines specialized stainless steel tubes at ISH that
allowed us to gain greater returns.
We would like to thank all visitors and our business partners showing great interest to Friterm ’